Use Social Media Strategies to Engage your Audience

Photo of hand pressing social media iconThe risk of a double dip recession may be rising and it seems as though it’s going to take a while longer before we are out of this economic downturn. Meanwhile, the social networking revolution shows no sign of easing and it’s vital that your organization develop a game plan. With consumer confidence down, marketers need to work harder to keep customers involved. The relationship between companies and customershas changed drastically over the past few years forcing companies to rethink the way they engage with their customers. These days consumers have more control, demand more engagement and are expecting two-way conversations with their brands. You have an opportunity to experiment in ways to deliver new content with non-traditional methods and to reach out and involve the consumer in a meaningful dialogue.

Faced with a seemingly endless array of possibilities from facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others, companies are struggling to develop a comprehensive social media strategy. Organizations need to understand the power of social media and how a well thought-out strategy fits into their overall marketing plan. It can be a powerful force in reducing marketing costs and increasing customer loyalty. Social media has really changed the way brands are connecting with their customers.

It’s best to take an integrated approach and incorporate social media into the entire customer experience. Devote resources, budget, time and personnel for the task. It is essential that you keep in front of your customers with relevant information at all times. What goes on your web site should also be reported on facebook and twitter to drive traffic to your site. Use twitter to send out links for news and information. Post videos on YouTube. Keep your blog up-to-date and be sure to have “Follow Us” and “Like Us” buttons on your site. After all, a friend’s recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. Use QR codes in your advertising to drive them to your website (A QR code is a type of matrix barcode designed to be read by smartphones). Build excitement around what you are doing and the plans your company has. Share stories to let your fans know more about the company and your unique employees. And get your customers excited about sharing their own personal stories about your brand. By exceeding customer’s expectations through social media, you can consistently make them loyal fans.

Finally, be authentic, don’t try to make your brand or company out to be something that it’s not. Transparency and honesty will build trust with your audience and in turn draw new viewers to your brand. Use social media to win new customers, gather valuable feedback and increase your bottom line. Engage your audience and help them spread your message far and wide.

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