Innovation in Package Design

Wrigley Orbit Snap tagsHere’s an interesting tidbit that caught my attention recently: Wrigley rolls out interactive mobile initiatives on gum packs. From the makers of Orbit gum (who can resist those strange and unique Orbit commercials?) Wrigley, a company that is quickly making strides in the use of Interactive Media has a new angle for gaining audience interaction. As reported by Lisa McTigue Pierce over at Packaging Digest: “Wrigley is rewarding Orbit and Juicy Fruit gum consumers who use interactive mobile technology to unlock prize points and exclusive brand content. The inside flap of gum packs will feature one of 30 different SpyderLynk SnapTags, a logo-centric alternative to quick-response (QR) codes. Mobile consumers snap and send a photo of the SnapTag to find out if they are a winner”.

And chronicled by Rimma Kats at Mobile Marketer: “Wrigley is able to instantly reward Orbit and Juicy Fruit gum consumers using this new mobile technology.” said Nicole Skogg, founder/CEO of SpyderLynk. “Packaging is the marketing mix tool closest to the consumer, offering marketers an amazing opportunity to influence loyalty and repeat purchase decisions. Wrigley has two innovative programs running this summer to drive purchase frequency for one brand and loyalty for the second brand. SnapTags bring functionality for the Orbit Program beyond that of other 2D mobile bar codes.” she said. SpyderLynk, the creator of the branded, algorithm-driven SnapTag, enables brands such as Coke Zero, Revlon, L’Oreal, MillerCoors, Warner Brothers, Toyota, Bud Light and others to engage consumers and accelerate purchase cycles.

I’m noticing how many companies are quickly learning that in todays world you really need to take advantage of new technology and get your target audience involved. After all, if the consumer is having a fun and interesting experience, then they are more likely to keep coming back. And if they happen to spread the word to a few hundred Facebook friends, well that wouldn’t hurt either. So “For A Good Clean Feeling, No Matter What™”, check out some Orbit Bleeping Clean Videos.

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