Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Business Card

Business Card In PocketLately, I’ve been surprised by how many people don’t bother to carry business cards. I’ll be at a networking event or a coworking space, meeting interesting people that I would like to stay in contact with. Yet when I ask them for a card, many don’t have one. Which seems kind of strange, after all, you’re at a networking event to network, right? Sure, I can make a mental note of their name or even text or email a note to myself. But I may not have time to do that or be able to  spell their name correctly. To be safe, I’ll always have a few of my cards with me because I don’t know where or when I might meet a potential new client. It just takes a little effort to be prepared in order to take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself. Yet these days, with Social Media being so important, many people think the printed business card is too “old school” and just unnecessary. People may prefer connecting to someone online and may even go so far as to bookmark your website. But how many will be able to recall you or your business website when they need to. Perhaps if they had your card it may still be on their desk or filed nearby.

An Effective Form Of Advertising
When promoting yourself or your company, business cards can be an effective form of advertising, especially if the card is distinctive. It’s essential to have a card that quickly communicates what your company is about and stimulates the interest of people who see it. A business card is a must for anyone serious about their personal branding. Use them to reinforce your brand image and help you look professional and unique. Make sure it’s something that represents exactly who you are and accurately reflects your business. After meeting someone, your business card may be the only discernible thing they have to remember you by. This is your chance to be exceptional and unforgettable. Creating a remarkable business card helps you stand out from the crowd and is an indispensable marketing tool. When you see a creative design it leaves a memorable impression, just make sure it contains all your important contact information and is easily readable.

An Inexpensive Promotional Tool
The business card is one of the least expensive self-promotional tools available to you and well worth the time and cost investment. They can be a cheap and easy way of introducing yourself to invaluable business connections. There is a good chance people will put your card in a pocket and view it at least once more. And the design options are limitless. Take advantage of interesting die-cuts and materials. The card stock, design and ink colors can each make a huge difference. The design will help formulate public perception of you and your company, so be sure to give it adequate thought. Also, you may consider adding a QR code since they have big potential with the increasing usage of smartphone and mobile technology. Finally, be sure to leave the designing to the professionals and hire an experienced graphic designer for your next business card design. In a competitive marketplace, names are often forgotten in the crowd, so keep in mind, the objective is to make your brand easily remembered.

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