Got Creative Block? Take A Walk To Boost Creativity

WalkingAs Designers we tend to sit at our desks staring at a computer screen for long periods of time. Sometimes ideas just don’t materialize and we tend to lose our creative edge. One of the more common reasons for an extended creative deficiency is the fact that we’re usually too stressed out. During these times we need to stop and get away from it all for awhile. And an easy and enjoyable diversion is to simply… Take A WalkMost of my ideas originate while I’m out walking around the neighborhood. It can be really helpful to just get away from our desks and let our minds wander and refresh. This is a simple activity that really works well for me! Being out in the fresh air with just our thoughts really does have a positive effect on eliminating creative block. So whenever I’m experiencing a lack of creativity I get up from my computer and head out for a nice walk.

Getting away from a stressful environment and walking can result in finding new, creative solutions. Often, when there is a difficult problem that we cannot seem to solve, an answer may materialize during a walk. We’ll get new insights and have a chance to view things in a different perspective. A walk can help reduce the clutter so that there is more room for creative contemplation. And, so I won’t forget, I’ll often email myself ideas from my phone as they appear in my head. Walking yields extraordinary advantages, in addition to the health benefits, it can help unleash our creativity, help us solve problems and sort through our thoughts. You may even get to know the some of the neighbors as you walk around the block.

No matter how busy we are it’s essential we take these little breaks from time to time to refresh our energy. It’s so easy to find excuses about why we can’t take a walk. There is no doubt it is difficult to fit it into our hectic schedules. But I’ve found that these walks are especially important on those days when tough deadlines are looming overhead. So go for a walk to clear your mind. And maybe even pause for a chat with a neighbor, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you encounter.

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